About Steve

In 1976 I left my engineering position to go to Lutheran seminary. I thought my calling was to be a pastor. My wife and I packed up and moved to Iowa to attend Lutheran seminary. It was a wonderful experience. It was wonderful because of the faithing community and the intellectual challenge of theology. I embraced the challenges and immersed myself in the best that theology had to offer, which at the time meant Tillich, Bultmann, Moltmann, Otto, Bonhoeffer, etc. As I studied the greatest theological minds of the past and present, however, I found myself more and more at odds with grassroots belief. My worldview and sense of God became very different from that found in traditional religion. It was both an enlightening and stressful time.

Eventually, I came to accept that being a pastor would not work for me. So, I left seminary after two years of study and went back to engineering much disappointed with traditional religion. However, my belief in a benevolent God was not shaken — only challenged. I began a spiritual journey perhaps much like many of you to find my spiritual bearings. As an engineer, I embraced all that science could tell me about our world and the way things worked. As a believer, I had a deep intuition that there is some profound ultimate foundation to the universe. In order to be true to both that intuitive sense and my scientific background, I had to puzzle through many challenges and come to some sort of resolution for the many seeming conflicts between science and religion. The Divine Life Communion is the culmination of that journey.

Steve Petermann

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